Address: Byblos Old Souk, Lebanon
Open:Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Reservations: 03 458 484
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Situated in the heart of Byblos, the world's oldest city, Frolic Pub & Cafe is a true representation of the cultural waves that this city has combined throughout the ages.
Frolic opens its Old Souk doors all year long to entertain guests from all regions. It serves as a melting pot where tourists from all over the world and locals come together to chill out in the smooth atmosphere and drink exquisite blends of cocktails.
Frolic preserves and conveys the historical charm and beauty of Byblos in its cleverly designed outlook. The furniture, bar, floors and walls are each chosen and designed in a way that captures the changes of style dating back to ancient Phoenician ages till our present modern day.

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