Address: Byblos Old Souk, Lebanon
Phone: 09 943 505 - 03 148 958
Open: Everyday Starting 5:00 PM

Barbacane is a “Pub-restaurant” in the old souk of Byblos. The name derives from the location itself being an advanced defensive outpost protecting the entrance to the ancient city.
The establishment will become the meeting point for people wanting to enjoy great beverages and cold cuisine in a historical yet relaxed environment.
Barbacane is located at the western entrance of “UNESCO square” in the pedestrian area of the souk. It can be accessed on foot from any entrance.
The location is part of the fortification wall, built with sandstone and has a high domed ceiling. An all wood interior with leather and linen sofas, bar stools and high round tables give it a rustic yet comfortable feel. The outdoor terrace is casual and perfectly situated in the middle of the busy souk.

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